The Future of Data and Data Analysis

Venture on a brief and interdisciplinary tour of what the Future of Data and Data Analysis might look like with Dr. Dave Dorsey at the 2018 Personnel Testing Council of Metropolitan Washington’s (PTCMW) annual Fall Event. Along the way, he will highlight some approaches that hold promise now for both organizational scientists and practitioners. Be prepared to hear about modern data science, data capture and preparation, modeling and analysis, operational issues, community building, and the imaginable future.

Dave, a vice president at HumRRO, is one of our premier thought-leaders having conducted innovative research and development in the areas of understanding adaptive performance, innovating performance management, using modeling and simulation technologies for learning, understanding career paths, and building corporate-level data science platforms and communities. He has over 20 years of experience as a human capital consultant, researcher, and senior leader and prior to becoming a corporate officer at HumRRO, he was a senior executive in the U.S. government, where among other roles he served as a directorate-level Senior Data Scientist. He is the recipient of two major research awards and an award for being a top leader in government. Dave is a Fellow in SIOP (Division 14 of the APA).