Assessing the most senior leaders in an organization is a nuanced undertaking that mandates navigating complex interactions among organizational context, climate, and person-environment fit. Suzanne Tsacoumis participated in a symposium of leadership thought-leaders funded by Richard Jeanneret. Richard recognized the importance of bringing diversity of thought to the table by inviting a varied set of experts to discuss their shared experiences and expertise associated with evaluating senior leaders. Afterward, Suzanne collaborated with her colleagues Doug Reynolds and Cindy McCauley to author an article(link is external) that captures the symposium content and goes a step further to offer insight about the current state of assessment and development for senior leaders. This article provides a comprehensive summary allowing those interested in leadership to benefit from the cumulative wisdom of experts in this field.

Reynolds, D., McCauley, C., & Tsacoumis, S. (2018). A Critical Evaluation of the State of Assessment and Development for Senior Leaders(link is external). Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 1-23. doi:10.1017/iop.2018.84