Education Research and Evaluation

Education Research and Evaluation

Cheryl Paullin, Director of Private Sector Talent Management

HumRRO occupies a unique niche in the applied educational research arena, situated between the world of academia and for-profit consulting firms. Our mission is to advance the science and practice of education research, evaluation, and measurement to improve educational outcomes and inform education policy. We are a full-service psychometric and research organization that conducts studies to ensure that the various components of an educational assessment system are soundly built and solidly linked. In addition, we have built a strong reputation for our rigorous and objective program evaluations.

We apply diverse methodologies and strategies to meet our clients’ unique needs by working closely with them to develop and implement customized approaches. In the education sector, our expertise is in conducting and providing:

In response to our investigation on the impacts of computer adaptive testing disruptions on student and school level scores, Oklahoma State Superintendent Janet Barresi praised HumRRO:

"The company [HumRRO] is recognized for their objectivity and independent approach to evaluating the performance of testing vendors.” She further stated that she “was impressed with their objective evaluation and that is why I have confidence in them and their ability to do this study.”

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