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Posted by Angela Lee on Aug 16, 2017

Performance appraisal is inevitable, but the source of performance ratings can be determined by organizations. Job performance is typically evaluated based on “subjective ratings,” or ratings from people observing the focal employee’s behaviors.

Posted by Gavan O'Shea on Feb 14, 2017

HR and talent management professionals looking to find the right hiring solution face a dizzying array of choices: What competencies should we assess? What type of assessment will work best? How should the assessments be administered? The dozens of off-the-shelf (OTS) assessments currently flooding the marketplace—everything from personality inventories to cognitive ability tests and...

Posted by Adam Beatty on Jan 11, 2016

There is a lot of excitement these days about “star” employees who have a disproportionate impact on key performance metrics. The idea is based on recent research suggesting that the distribution of job performance in many business units is highly skewed, with a select number of “superstars” (e.g., “The Myth of the Bell Curve: Look for the Hyper-Performers”, and “Making Star Teams out of Star...

Posted by Rod McCloy, Michael Ingerick on Dec 7, 2015

Turnover is expensive. This is especially true in the military when the turnover occurs shortly after military training. At that early point in a Soldier’s career, the military has invested significantly in his or her training with limited return on investment in on-the-job performance, in addition to other “sunk costs” (e.g., resources expended recruiting, hiring, and onboarding the new...

Posted by Gavan O'Shea on Jun 10, 2015

The Senior Executive Service is at a crossroads. For the venerable corps—whose members serve just below top-level political appointees and reflect less than 1% of the nation's two million federal employees—recent years have seen ominous trends. Many report frustration with their agencies' increasingly political environments and relatively low pay. In fact, fewer than half of...

Posted by HumRRO Staff on May 27, 2015

Even in the best circumstances, providing performance evaluations can be time consuming, stressful, and uncomfortable. And that’s just the manager perspective!

Posted by Rod McCloy on Mar 24, 2015

When it comes to education, most parents would prefer that their children be instructed by the very best teachers. But how can parents determine who the best teachers are? Should parents have access to information from performance evaluations of teachers in their state?

Posted by Joseph Caramagno on Feb 2, 2015

So you manage a professional certification program and you want to take it global? How are you going to establish and promote universal performance standards for a profession that differs from region to region?

Posted by Amanda Koch on Jan 23, 2015

Organizations are missing out on opportunities to hire, develop, and retain top talent due to the pervasive and often unconscious application of gender stereotypes. Decision makers often favor men over equally qualified women when it comes to hiring, promotion, and compensation decisions, according to a recent meta-analytic review of over 100 studies. For example, in a controlled experiment,...

Posted by HumRRO Staff on Jun 19, 2014

Mimeographs, avocado green refrigerators, wooden tennis rackets, record players, ADDIE, Bloom, ILT... In the words of Bob Dylan, Times they are a-changin'. I have vague memories of mimeographs and avocado green refrigerators. Both seem to have vanished into the history books. Wooden tennis rackets are now collectors’ items. How many of us still have record players?


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