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HumRRO Internship Program

HumRRO's internship is available to full-time, graduate students (Masters or Ph.D level) currently enrolled in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (or related fields e.g. Organizational Behavior, MBA, management) and Education (e.g. measurement, psychology, policy) programs. Typically our summer internship lasts for 3 months. Our internship is a paid, full-time opportunity and includes paid vacation and a housing stipend. The internships can be located at HumRRO’s Corporate Headquarters in Alexandria, VA or in one of the remote offices depending on the available work. The Educational Assessment internship is often located in our Louisville, KY office.

Typical tasks include literature review, synthesis, and analysis; data collection, entry, and analysis; survey and other instrument development and administration; and documentation of findings. HumRRO is looking for a responsible, motivated team player with strong technical and communication skills to assist in our contract research activities. HumRRO project directors will provide technical supervision and mentoring to help make the most of the intern's exposure to and experience with our applied research setting.


Selection is competitive and will be based on a holistic review of application materials for evidence of communication and interpersonal skills, research experience and promise, initiative and motivation, academic coursework, and professional interests. We seek applicants who have a background in research methods and some experience conducting research (e.g., working on a research team, presenting as a co-author at a conference). Strong applicants also demonstrate their ability to participate in research activities, such as writing literature reviews, collecting data, and/or analyzing data. Finalists will be interviewed telephonically.

Application Process

All application materials for HumRRO's summer internship are due in to HumRRO on or before February 4, 2019. Materials may be mailed in or submitted electronically. Each applicant must provide HumRRO with the following:

  1. a curriculum vitae/detailed resume
  2. a one-page personal statement of career goals and internship interests
  3. official transcript(s) of all graduate work
  4. contact information for two references (i.e., the name, title, address, phone number, and e-mail address; recommendation letters are not needed)
  5. completed Statistical Packages and Data Analysis Questionnaire

Internship Flyers

Here are more details about the Educational Measurement Internship Educational Measurement Internship and the Industrial/Organizational Psychology Internship Industrial/Organizational Psychology Internship.


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Application Submission

Interested candidates should submit their application to [email protected]

Correspondence and Information

If you have questions or would like additional information regarding the HumRRO internship, please contact [email protected].

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